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I set out doing this to explore my options for Studying Abroad in college. I encountered the problem of not being able to summarize my thoughts in 1 word so a lot of times I came up with something that was close to the meaning I intended but not an exact copy of what I meant. However, by using pictures and and colors I think my mind map is accurate about my thoughts on studying abroad. My Aha! moment definitely came when I was trying to create branches for Homesick/family & friends and I couldn’t come up with any reasons to be stuck here. If I had more time I would write a longer post and touch up some of the half erased marks on my final sketch.

Blogwork #3

Tree detail: Line and color

This picture focuses on the sensory principle of Line with a secondary focus on color. The most recognizable thing is the long crack running up the middle of the tree. Furthermore amidst the bark of the tree are numerous unique lines of different shapes and sizes.

Gazebo detail: Division of Space and line

These planks of wood are arranged in such a way that it manipulates the way we see the image and makes it look like there’s a regular pattern. This shows an emphasis on the division of space principle.

Wood floor & Crumbs detail: Relative Size and line

This picture represents the principle of relative size that says the further away an identical object is, the smaller it’ll appear to our retinas. For instance, in the picture the three crumbs in the center appear bigger than equally sized ones near the edges of the image.

Gravel path detail: Color

This gravel path shows the subtleties of the color principle. The different hues of grey and green differentiate the pebbles and debris.

Speaker detail: Shape

This photo illustrates the shape principle. Shape refers to the external appearance/form of something and the most noticeable thing in this picture is the shapes arranged like connect four.

Reflection: For this assignment I was trying to take close-up images of nature and other things and relate that to what we’ve learned in class so far about the five sensory principles: Color, Line, Shape, Relative Size, and Division of Space. I encountered the problem of waiting till it was dark to take some pictures so I had to use flash. Also, I felt kind’ve self conscious taking pictures of random things so I ended up not taking pictures of a few interesting places. My AHA! moment was when I was describing relative size in relation to the crumbs in one of my pictures and realized what it meant. I made the connection between some of the in-class sketches we’ve done and the principle we were focusing on for those and the readings mentioned how a hue is the technical term for the shade of a color. If I had more time I’d probably take some better pictures and do more exploring looking for good spots. Specifically, I’d like to find a better tree picture that’s more focused/zoomed in on. Also, I’d like to clean my speaker I have no idea what’s on it (hopefully just eraser crumbs), but it looked fine before I zoomed in on it for the assignment. If I had more resources, I’d get better pictures that are zoomed in more than my phone’s camera can.


3 thoughts on “Blog Feed

  1. No Pass, Please adhere to blog post specifications next time. Although you did a good job on executing the mind map visual form, there should be 2 different mind maps. The second mind map should use a section from the first mind map as the central focus. A mind map is used for exploring and identifying general-to-specific solutions to a problem.

    So if you guiding problem is “How to study abroad?” You might, for example, take a more detailed look into ways to reduce cost as a second central focus, with possible solutions to this as branches. Or, if you want to ask “Where should I study abroad?”, the branches might be the different places and what the options are.

    Otherwise, great job of the first half of the homework. This is a very nice mind map, and could be more colorful and visually adorned.

    Finally, the homework blog posts also asks you to answer the reflection questions. Here’s the link to the checklist I used.

    So please create a second mind map and expand on the reflection. Remember to please rotate your pictures to be easily viewable next time. You can submit the redo post link via the blog submission form for this homework.

    I’m going to mark this as a redo because its one of the first homework assignments. Please complete this by next Thursday, Sept. 26th by 11:59pm. If not, you can earn two tokens to make up for a BlogWork pass.


  2. PASS. But something seems off about your blog. Please come see me about the setup– each post should appear in its own “blog post.” As for the photos, they are pretty good illustrations of the sensory forms. Two things I should mention are that we’re supposed to select the ONE sensory principle that each photo best illustrates. So the first photo should be just “Line,” and then I’d zoom in on the line part. Second, relative size is best illustrated with identically shaped objects that have a distance between them. When one can only sense the lines, colors, and feel some emotion about that picture, then you’ll know you have gotten the right sensory form. Finally, make sure there are 500+ words in the blog post. I’ll let that slide This Time, but not next time.


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